Being Black, Plus Sized, and on TV: BlackGirlNerds

Being a plus sized Black woman, it's difficult to navigate the waters of self esteem in a society that tends to look down upon Blackness and thickness. One would find it rare to see "us" especially on the telly, as reality is already suspended in entertainment due to the emphasis on women having to be the perfect… » 11/19/14 9:19am 11/19/14 9:19am

The Watercooler

As the holiday season approaches, so comes harbingers about the focus of our world in 2015. This year, we've seen everything from substantial evolutions in feminism to a significant uptick in the amount of police killings. We thought it's a great opportunity to shed light on recent events and facilitate discussion… » 11/14/14 11:18pm 11/14/14 11:18pm